Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Seven From Stevie - Issue 1


Hey HuffPosters. This is the first in a series of articles featuring 7 top dance tracks spun by StevieMix. That's me. I'm a radio DJ/live performer with web listeners in 50 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, broadcasting from solar-powered KRUU-FM at Originally from Montreal, I spin house and many sub-genres of house, hip-hop, ghetto funk, mashups, techno, breakbeats, R&B and much more. You can hear some of my mixes on Soundcloud at and see more at my web site:


To give you a flavor of these bangin' tracks, see the Seven From Stevie list below. Check your favorite music site for buying and downloading these tracks. You can listen every Friday from 9-10 PM, US Central Time, at KRUU Live!


Seven From Stevie

Track 1 No Sugar Feat. Shea Soul - Club Mix
Artist Joey Negro, Gramophonedzie
Genre House
About the track Excellent mix of old and new sounds which Serbian band Gramophonedzie is well known for. Their track "Why Don’t You" has a similar old/new sound mashup with a 1958 Peggy Lee sample.
Listen No Sugar Feat. Shea Soul - Club Mix



Track 2 Chicago Is In The Pocket/Krazy Strings - Tear The House Down
Artist OHANNON Featuring The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Genre Nu Disco
About the track This track has some disco flavor with the orchestra and its horns combined with a modern house beat and effects. I don’t play the intro to this track. In fact most of the music I play consists of 2-4 minute sections. This is to keep the dance floor interested as people tend to have short attention spans when dancing.
Listen Chicago Is In The Pocket-Krazy Strings - Tear The House Down



Track 3 Different Boogie (Funkanomics Blowup)
Artist Alex Mind vs. Syl Johnson (Funkanomics)
Genre Ghetto Funk
About the track Ghetto funk, sometimes known as Nu Funk, remixes existing funk or hip-hop songs with modern effects and synth. Current tracks often will have dirty bass or synth that have more of a vibratory feel and gritty sound than vanilla bass and synth sounds. There are other dance genres that use these kind of sounds, especially Glitch. Funkanomics is one of the better remixers of funk music, and their version of Stevie Wonder’s "Superstition" is amazing.
Listen Different Boogie (Funkanomics Blowup)



Track 4 Wrecked - Opiuo Mix
Artist Analog Mc, K+Lab
Genre Glitch Hop
About the track Glitch is electronic music that is characterized by a deliberate use of glitch-based sonic artifacts that normally would be viewed as unwanted disturbances reducing the overall sound quality and are thus usually avoided in audio recordings. This isn’t just noise; it has sounds that make the songs more fun and interesting. Glitch will often have dirty bass and synth along with other glitch sounds. For some DJs, the filthier the better. When you hear a DJ talking about how dirty or filthy a track is, they are not talking about the vocal content. If you want to hear good filth, check out "New Jack" by Justice.
Listen Wrecked - Opiuo Mix



Track 5 SaySayism Allstar Jam [DJ Lobsterdust]
Artist Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Nelly Furtado, Nine Inch Nails, Mary J. Blige, Diana Ross, Rick James and The Temptations mashed up by DJ Lobsterdust
Genre Mashup
About the track This is one of the great mashups, and Lobsterdust, along with DJ Earworm, are among the best mashup artists. I play a lot of mashups and they are popular on the dance floor because people hear familiar samples mixed in a totally new and interesting way--or at least that’s my theory. Maybe they just have a great beat you can dance to. I plan to give you more great mashups from artists around the world in future posts. This track has 9 artists in it, a lot for most mashups. Although one of the most famous mashups, DJ Earworm’s "United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop)" has 25 samples, most mashups have 2-4 different artists mashed up. Sometimes, the mashups are very unusual. Lobsterdust’s "WholeLottaExtraDougie" features CaliSwagDistrict, Led Zeppelin and Katy Perry. This is not a combination that most people would think of, but Lobsterdust's mashup mastery can make some bizarre combinations actually sound like they make sense.
Listen SaySayism Allstar Jam [DJ Lobsterdust]



Track 6 Lunar
Artist David Guetta & Afrojack
Genre Electro House
About the track This is from the recently released Nothing But the Beat album by David Guetta. I have been playing Guetta for many years and his career has blown up to the point that major artists are working with him on lots of his latest tracks. I still love his older stuff with vocalist Chris Willis too. Afrojack is a 24 year old music producer that has already made a mark with "Take Over Control" with vocalist Eva Simmons, another great track I recommend (maybe there’s more than Seven from Stevie here!). I like "Lunar" because of its killer percussion and synth. Electro house is a fusion of house and electronic music with very strong synth and effects elements.
Listen David Guetta - Lunar (David Guetta & Afrojack) [BBC Radio 1 at USUAÏA Radio Premiere]



Track 7 Yerbatero (Tarantella & Redanka)
Artist Juanes
Genre Tribal Latin House
About the track I first heard this track in spin class (indoor cycling, not DJ-ing). It has both Latin and tribal elements over a house beat. I often mix tracks for spin class by taking recordings of my DJ sets and speeding up portions of some tracks to challenge the riders.
Listen Yerbatero (Tarantella & Redanka)



Video Bonus Track

For your video bonus track this week, check out LMFAO’s "Party Rock Anthem" featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock. You’ve probably seen this video since it has 200 million views; but it’s so much fun, I had to make sure. It’s an excellent dance track and I love the shufflin’ and the gold box guy and all the other dancers.

This Issue’s DJ Tip

Sometimes hip-hop DJs will not see an opportunity to beat match in their mixes and will do a radio fade (fade the volume out on deck A and fade the volume in on deck B without beat matching). They will also do a slam or chop where you switch from one song to the other instantly by slamming the cross-fader to the other deck. That can work really well sometimes but can disrupt the dance floor. To beat match for a smooth transition between tracks, pay attention to the snare. Typically in hip-hop, the regular beat is the snare, not the kick drum. Normally, you want to avoid mixing vocals from both songs simultaneously because they can clash and sound chaotic--i.e. dancers don’t like it! Unlike house club tracks, in a hip-hop track, there are often no long vocal breaks near where you would like to mix in or out of either song.

A way around this is to find 4 beats or more near where you would like to mix out of deck A or into deck B that have no vocal where you can loop. If the loop sounds good you can loop that track while playing the other track normally. I always make sure the loop sounds good ahead of time. I use Tracktor Pro as my software and spin mp3’s so I can mark where the loops are and how many beats they contain very easily. I have done mixes with loops having as few as 2 beats and as many as 16. Sometimes, there can be a bit of vocal in the loop. You can tone the vocal down a bit by dropping the mid-range equalizer where the vocals are typically found. The downside of this is you might drop some key instruments as well. You can do EQ mixing by fading out one deck’s mid-range and fading in the other deck’s mid-range as long as it doesn’t make the mix sound washed out. I use the looping and EQ mixing techniques also for funk, older tracks, live tracks and some genres where beats tend to drift. If you can find a bar or two where the beat is consistent, you’re golden.